How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for FREE with Social Media

In United States, around 77 percentages of people use social media. A great video is of no use if it does not have any views. In order to become a successful YouTuber, first of all, you should know YouTube and why it is important for your business.

A few years ago companies used to pay huge amount of money to the TV channel in order to reach their potential clients. According to the study by the end of 2025, half of the viewers will not be using TV subscriptions. The video-sharing platform on YouTube lets every person to share their videos throughout the world for free of cost.

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Importance of YouTube:

YouTube has around 1.8 billion active users on a monthly basis. And there are more than one billion hours of videos are being watched on a daily basis. Thus there is a lot of chance that valuable customers of yours are waiting for your video.

In this post, you will learn some best social media strategies that help to increase your YouTube video views.

  1. First of all, if your goal is to grow using YouTube, focus around 8o-90 percent of energy on YouTube and don’t get distracted with social media too soon.
  2. Pick the best platform of your target audience as a support platform for your YouTube channel. Instagram is considered an all-round hot platform at present. If you have more likely such as female demographic or fashion then Pinterest would be the better option and it is also a search engine. If you are more business-minded then make use of LinkedIn as a support platform. This will help you to generate new awareness and interest that you can eventually send to your YouTube channel.

The biggest mistake that people made is that they just try like Instagram account and post their YouTube video links. It never works since nobody will follow you just to see your video links.  If you want to use an Instagram account to grow your YouTube channel then you should use the Instagram account to grow your Instagram account.  All you need to do is add valuable content on Instagram that is not asking people to link away and ensure that your target audience finds it interesting.

If you are just using a brand new social media platform then you will not able to get more views from it. First of all, you need to improve your video quality, optimize video well and using hashtags to get some views. Later if you get some momentum then you can make use of social media platforms. 

When it comes to YouTube and social media, your first priority is to focus on YouTube. Get some attraction there and use the momentum for your future.

Instagram is the best platform to promote your YouTube video. It is crowded, but it takes a lot of energy. You have the opportunity to do profile posts, profile videos, daily Instagram stories, Instagram live, IG TV. All of these are a bigger opportunity for you to grow using Instagram. You can discover new people by hashtag.

If you are business-minded then LinkedIn is will be best for you to grow your free YouTube views.  You can post text, YouTube video, and links in your LinkedIn account. You have a massive opportunity if you use Reddit. If you are active and are part of the community and you understand how it works, you really go deep, you build relationships and reputation. Reddit can be a massive place in discoverability, even going viral even what you are talking about, trending post, something hot in your niche. Definitely consider researching using Reddit.

 Facebook's organic reach is hotter than ever before. If you do Facebook likes, Facebook watch, it’s great. But it is very tough to send traffic to your YouTube channel through Facebook. Twitter is mostly used just to connect with people